Saturday, August 28, 2010


I took my dog nigknife to the vet yesterday, she started having a panic attack in the car, so the vet gave her steroids for her arthritis and then he gave me a bottle full of tranqs so I would be able to give them to her when she had these panic attacks, they are the 25 mg acepromazine. I bet you my brother will get high on them. Sorry I have not posted pictures of nigknife yet, my camera is being repaired because when I was at a community book burning I was way drunk on some home made tequila and accidentally threw in my camera, I dove into the pile of burning books to get it, I had to go to the hospital but at least I saved the internals of my camera, the lens is way burnt though. But regardless of that I only gave nig knife a quarter of the tranq and she was so high she could not walk 2 steps without collapsing.

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  1. omg... feel better man! Hopefully my page will cheer you up a bit! ;)