Sunday, August 29, 2010

My decision as a blogger

I have noticed a lot of things about my blog and I think I will make it focus on more than just my dog nigknife, I know her name is unusual but that is how you roll on a drunk night buying a dog.

I will still post mainly about her, but expect a few other things.

Please comment, input helps.

A little info about nigknife


Sex: Female

Collar: Pink with little hearts on it

Tags: Yes

Partner: Boe, Deceased, Golden coat, Cocker

Puppies: 14 purebred cocker

Flea soaps
flea treatments
flea collars
Brewers yeast and garlic in her food
Tranquillizers, when she has panic attacks
Ear mite treatments
Heart guard when needed
anti biotic for her eye drool
Steroids and aspirin for arthritis

Health problems:
Eye drool, like snot leaking out of her eyes
Blind in left eye, not cataracts the vet says the image is not being sent to her brain
Severe arthritis
Extremely stupid
Aging problems
Sometimes she does not eat her dog food
Ear mites on occasions
Neighbors dogs keep giving her fleas through the fence
Breathing problems, Snores and is very loud no matter what.

Snores while awake, snores worse when sleeping
Sleeps all day
Loves having her belly/ behind her ears scratched
Refuses to eat carrots, if I feed her stew she plucks them out before eating it
Does not like using her dog door
Absolutely terrified of getting in the car
Hates being left alone
Loves to cuddle
Hates being rolled around on the ground
Rubs her face on the ground all the time
Sits outside in the heat,cold, or rain until my return

Coat: Top black, bottom white with black spots, Eye brows, front of face, underside of tail, and in between toes have golden coat.

Tail: Cut at birth

Eye color:Brown, Milky pupils, Especially left eye

Nose: Black

Nails:Black, Two white


So nigknife always sits and stares at me when I am in the kitchen, like she is hoping I will give her some food or something. She never eats her dog food anymore,

What do you think a healthy treat for nigknife is?

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ok so I pulled up a few photos from my old myspace of nigknife, hell yeah mother fucker.


I took my dog nigknife to the vet yesterday, she started having a panic attack in the car, so the vet gave her steroids for her arthritis and then he gave me a bottle full of tranqs so I would be able to give them to her when she had these panic attacks, they are the 25 mg acepromazine. I bet you my brother will get high on them. Sorry I have not posted pictures of nigknife yet, my camera is being repaired because when I was at a community book burning I was way drunk on some home made tequila and accidentally threw in my camera, I dove into the pile of burning books to get it, I had to go to the hospital but at least I saved the internals of my camera, the lens is way burnt though. But regardless of that I only gave nig knife a quarter of the tranq and she was so high she could not walk 2 steps without collapsing.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My dog

My dog is a cocker named Nigknife, she is old and fat
She is really lazy and likes the shower
she is also blind in one eye

So once I get my camera I will put a picture up of my dog
you will cry

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We talk about dog food

and dog food things, I pay like 16 dollars a week for dog food because I love my dog